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Report  and pictures - 2011 - Thousands of IT training seminars, lectures, and training programs are conducted since 1975....

Milestones of Zaveri. Brief reports / pictures / proceedings / feedback

28 December 2011 Blue Ocean Academy Launch in Pune, India. Seminar with HR experts at the MCCCIa.  Seminar with HR experts at the MCCCIa.  Mr. Rajesh Bhandari, CEO.  Mr. Shailesh Pagariya, President.  Mr. Atish Chordiya, Director.  Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri, visiting faculty.


  • 17 September 2011.  IT training program for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) conducted at Belgaum, Karnataka, India.  Prof. Jyoti presented the concept of the Social Media Marketing in this workshop on technology.


  • Mr. Dinesh Badagandi, Mr. V. Ramani, Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri were the resource persons from Varnaaz.

  • Varnaaz is the Microsoft dynamics competency centre at Bangalore, India.  Varnaaz provides hands-on experiences using Microsoft Dynamics ERP Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship Management solutions.

  • In the picture above L to R:  Mr. V. Ramani, Prof Zaveri, Mr. S. G. Punekar, Mr. A. G. Kulkarni, Mr. A. B. Paraddi (Jt. Director DIC), Mr. Dinesh Badagandi (Director - Varnaaz), Dr. Purushottam Bung (Director - IMER, Belgaum).

    See complete press coverage by the Indian Express Newspaper.

  Belgaum IT training Varnaaz participants   Belgaum IT training Varnaaz participants 2

Participants from various industries and academic institutions attended the seminar.

  •    06 August 2011.  FMS, a leading B School gave award certificate of Professor Emeritus to Prof. Zaveri.



  FMS Emeritus Certificate to Zaveri

  • Prof Jyotindra Zaveri has been teaching various business management subjects to MBA students such as MIS (Management Information System).    Faculty Professor Jyotindra Zaveri produced great results and outstanding    mentoring program for students, was honoured by the Director Firoze Khan with a rank of Professor Emeritus, on 08/06 at the Hotel Le Meridian, Pune, India.

  •  FMS - Faculty of Management Sciences Pune , An AICTE approved one of the leading Business School in Pune, witnessed yet another glorious day of 6th Aug 2011 as the Induction Ceremony of the batch 2011-13 held at Hotel Le Meridian Pune, India. This event marked the successful journey in the realm of offering qualitative education in this the field of Business Management.

  •  The introductory session was followed by an ever inspiring Welcome Address by Executive Director Professor Firoze Khan followed by speeches by Ms. Alena from Australia and Ms. Barbarra from Switzerland. Other dignitaries on the dais included Dr. Brigadier Shyam Lal – Managing Director Fortune consultant, Wg. Codr. Hariharan Performance consultant & Q.Med Canada , Mr. DIlip Narayanana CEO organic BPS, Mr. Sunil Mahajan VP Royal Bank of Scotland, Mr. Raj Tater CEO Xed Intellect, Mr. Ajay Mohan AVP Reliance Retail Services and Col. Ajay Singh industrialist psychologist and motivator.

  • 20 July 2011.    Social Media Marketing training program successfully conducted by Prof. Jyoti Zaveri in Pune, India.


  • Here is a brief report of the social media training program held on Wednesday, 20 July 11 at the Boat Club, Pune, India.

1.  Twenty+ participants attended the social media marketing training program from various sectors of industries and even house-makers  - Manufacturing Industry, Real estate, hospitality, HR executive, tour & travels, senior consultants, Journalists, Marketing professionals, IT professionals, etc.

2.  The program started with a warm welcome form Mr. Vikas Kakade followed by introduction of Prof. Jyoti Zaveri who is specializing in the Web 2.0 technologies.   Prof. Jyoti introduced various digital platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Blog. He gave analogies, which helped to learn how search engine works, and the importance of keyword and SEO.  He explained that the change from legacy way of marketing to the new way of digital marketing requires a strategy, a plan to engage target audience.  The training session was interactive, many questions were asked.  Ensuing discussion was exciting and charged the participant with energy.

3.  Topics such as: “What if someone posts a negative comment on the blog”, “Total cost of ownership (TCO)”, “How much time the SMM initiative takes to start showing the results?”  He elaborated on the web analytics report and gave examples of insight, available from YouTube.  The graph, charts and real time reports informs the marketing executive about the status of the advertising campaign.  He gave many examples of companies that have already started social media marketing in a big way, such as Waghbakri tea, Pantaloon, Gucci, etc.  He said, “Plan your time on social media sites, and do not be carried away”.  Limit your time depending on your goals.

4.  Few movie clips and PowerPoint presentations (hard-copies were given to participants) were used to explain the basic concepts.  At end of the day, everyone agreed that four hours were not enough and asked if we could organize a two days workshop.  Written feedbacks were given at the end of report and the movie clip is uploaded in Facebook (6.52 min). Go to DNS Facebook page and see your movie clip.


  • Very encouraging feedback.  Participants were from various sectors - Industry, Real estate, hospitality, HR executives, tour & travels, senior consultants, Journalists, Marketing professionals, IT professionals, etc. We appreciate frank observations and suggestions.  Brief feedback about the course content and the speaker Prof. Jyoti is given below:

·         Manav Ketan Shah


A very informative presentation. A reality view on the world technology scenario today. Contents were well balanced with pictures, videos and verbal content.


High energy and very effective communication. I definitely believe the speaker is the heart of the seminar. extremely well executed.

·         Mira Savara


The contents was good, but i felt it was given in too large chunks to be really digested. though it was repeatedly said to be interactive there was little scope for interactiveity, which is not question answer, since experience of the sites was quite high, it would have been interesting to get more feedback on small companies questions, challenges etc.



·         Minal Dhotre


Sufficient, videos were quiet interesting & informative. Got to know many new things



·         Sunil Dhadane


Good intro session, good contents , liked videos


Good talk ( no nonsense)

Neha Paranjpe


Very comprehensive, covers all aspects of social media platforms, video clips very highly effective


very informative, kept the session at high energy level. handle questions very patiently !!

·         Nupur Joshi


Just needed to know it all



kept the audience involved

·         Ananda Maruti


Very informative for the audience that does not have an idea of social media marketing


Quite happy with a knowledge about different platforms and its applicability to the different types of businesses.

·         Nikhil Kane


Very good



·         Esha Rajee


Great - its a eye opener for me - informative


Has a fantastic way of presenting what he wants to present.

good communication skills

charming personality.

·         Syam Sunder


contents were relevant and adequate


As usual Jyoti is Jyoti


  • 06 April 2011.  Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP eBook published by Himalaya Publishing House.  Mr. Zaveri's ERP book is be seen in many international websites, available as downloads.


  • 22 March 2011.   The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of the World Wide Web. 

Zaveri is emphasizing on forming blog rules and social media usage policy document by citing case studies. Learn about pros and cons of using internet.  Blogs and YouTube are good digital platform an average person can use is the good part, however, if not used properly can be ugly or even bad. He has also given example of the viral marketing.

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