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This is not a flashy marketing kind of website but a simple knowledge sharing site that keeps you up-to-date

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  • Vision: Use the digital platform to let more and more people learn Internet Technology.

I  dedicate this dnserp website, also known as Digital Vivekananda to entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, management students, trainers.  My goal is to create content that educates, informs and inspires mangers around the world.

I would like to hear from you.  Be it a need for consultancy or training, a marketing request or general queries, regarding ERP or digital marketing; please feel free to communicate with me in any mode convenient to you.  Contact Jyotindra Zaveri for ERP Training or ERP consultancy, to understand or select ERP Modules, Social media marketing, Branding on the internet,  internet marketing, creating and managing Blog, Facebook, Twitter sites.

  • Contact for:  Consulting offers, new ventures, training assignment, expertise requests, business deals.

  • Languages for communication: English, Hindi, Marathi or Guajarati.

Email socialmedia@dnserp.com 


  • Contact me for your requirement of ERP Software, Information Technology [IT] training, social media marketing, online video, viral video, product sales, video marketing video, corporate video, call to action video, generate sales leads, sales lead video, digital marketing, online marketing, tradeshow marketing, advertising, email marketing, website, CMS (content management system), website design, live edit, LinkedIn marketing, YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing ideas, Pinerest ideas, business blog on Blogger or WordPress, web analytics, measuring ROI on marketing, cyber branding, internet marketing, retail marketing, business management software, web analytics, or web intelligence.  Actually, all these synonyms and keywords are specially mentioned for the robots or spiders who come to this site often to make search engine index, by the way this is part of the Search Engine Optimization exercise (SEO).

  • Email if you are on look out for faculty in the IT subjects.  I welcome email, whether you're interested in talking about e-marketing, social media marketing, blogs, ERP, Business management software, web analytics, or web intelligence. 

Here is what audience say after my lectures, seminars, seminars or workshops:

  • "Jyoti Sir is a motivational and a professional keynote speaker".

  • "He is an expert at helping you reach your business goals".

  • "Jyotindra uses audience interaction, Humour and advanced learning techniques in his business training sessions".

  •  "He is a motivational speaker who increases productivity and raises profits through high-impact, user-friendly keynotes speeches and business seminars".

  • "As an innovative I. T. consultant, author and computer trainer, Zaveri has been on the cutting edge of innovation and creativity for maximizing human potential for the last three decades".

  • "In every keynote speech or lecture of Jyoti, you will find practical ideas that work, action steps, case studies, suggestions, and tips;  that help your enterprise be successful, by maximizing everything you do, motivational strategies for your people and strategic plans to dominate your market".

  • Your publicity is my passion.  I am a social media marketing consultant / I am a social media management specialist / Your online media partner / Your online brand manager / enhance your business / Let us go social / I help creating and implementing your digital marketing strategies / If social sites not done well, brand may fail / Unleash the true potential of internet marketing.  So many ways to say the same thing?  Actually, these lines are read by you as well as spiders :-).  Wondering why I have written same message in many ways?  This is because, when spider (also called crawler)  reads these words, it will index this web page in the search engine index (e.g. Google search engine).  Got the point?  Website content and keywords are meant for humans as well as for computers !

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Home Parent Page Hire Jyoti Trainer Consultant Social Media Marketing Audit

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Why so many social icons on this site?  It is Like asking why so many flowers in a flower shop.

Well this site is focusing on social media, that is why so many social media logo and links on this site.


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