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Pictures / report: 2008.  Track Record of past ERP Training, Seminars, Past Performance, Awards, I. T. Achievements, IT events.... since 1975:

  • 28 November 2008: Unveiling of ERP book manuscripts by Dr. P. C. Shejwalkar. 




  • Report of the successful program of inauguration of the ERP book manuscript.  Pune, India.

Dr. P. C. Shejwalkar, renowned Management Guru unveiled the ERP book manuscript, along with Mr. Prakash Naik, Managing Director of Fainger Leser Valves Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai) and Mr. Jankiraman, senior ERP consultant (Mumbai).


Among the guests present were many ERP User organization’s owners / top management, to grace the occasion.  Some senior Chartered Accountants also came and expressed their best wishes.  Himalaya Publishing House has agreed to publish the book, which will be available in about a month time.

     Prof Shejwalkar Sir and Zaveri Mr. Naik, MD


Thought of the Speakers:

  1. Prof Shejwalkar Sir and ZaveriDr. P. C. Shejwalkar appreciated the book whole heartedly. He congratulated Mr. Zaveri for his painstaking effort to write a book on ERP.

  2. According to him ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, is a concept. When it is used with full efforts then it gives perfection to the process. He strongly felt that the book will be very helpful to students of different management institutes, due to the simple language and more number of case studies. He suggested the readers to start reading the chapter on humor first.  He said that he would like to refer this book to professors and students of management studies, for better understanding of the ERP subject.  He said that Mr. Zaveri should write many more books.

  1. Mr. Prakash Naik, MD of Fainger Leser Valves Pvt. Ltd., started with the introduction of his company. Then he moved to the collaboration and joint ventures that took place with a leading German company.  He has a manufacturing plant in Aurangabad and the head office is in Mumbai.  The ERP software designed by Mr. Zaveri is being deployed there.  He said that after reading the book, he was able to understand the abbreviations of ERP, which were commonly used in his interactions with employees in his company.  He narrated the story of the ‘Koel & crow’ from the ERP book, and said that ‘change’ is necessary.  He appreciated the down to earth examples and simple language used in ERP book.  Fainger Laser is now second largest ‘safety valve manufacturing’ enterprise in India.

  1. Mr. Jankiraman, senior ERP consultant, started with the example of Bhagwat Gita with the tale of Kaurav and Pandavas.  He appreciated the cover picture with an eye, and narrated the story of Dhratrashtra. He put forth his views about an enterprise. Enterprise can be one individual or group of individuals organized together. An enterprise can do many functions. It can do back end function or administrative or service industry or manufacturing or trading. Enterprise has to subsequently use adequate resources. Resources can be defined into five small units’ i.e.  Man, Machine, Material, Method and Money.  He appreciated that Mr. Zaveri has written a book on ERP.  He said that concept of BOM is very clear in the mind of Mr. Zaveri.  He specially drove from Mumbai to attend this program in Pune and returned the same night (Inspite of the tense situation).

  1. Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri, CEO, DNS e-Business Consultancy and the author of the ERP book explained that the purpose of giving the manuscript to everyone was to ask them to read and suggest improvements in ERP book.  He then narrated the story of the ‘greedy farmer’, given in the ERP book.  He said that it is necessary to draw a line and understand that some processes can be automated and some cannot be automated.  Mr. Zaveri appreciated efforts put by the DNS ERP team to develop the ERP software package as per his design.  User should learn and limit the customization or changes.  Being the author, he thanked all those who came.  He especially thanked Mr. Surendra from Himalaya Publishing House to coordinate the activity of typesetting.

  • 22 November 2008: ERP Training on Accounts module and taxes module.

            Participants from various business and industries attended this ERP training program.

  •   17 October 2008: Mr. Zaveri was invited as judge for the Kushagra-08 program by HNIMR.

Dr. Bharati Dole welcoming Mr. Zaveri

Smt. Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management & Research for Women

  •   27 September 2008

  •   21 July 2008. 

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