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Encouraging feedback about this E-learning dnserp web site by Zaveri

This site is sprawling academic collection of video lectures and PowerPoint presentations, that you can view free.

  • Thank you so much Sir for sharing the link. It is indeed a great knowledge share. Thanks again. Regards,  Abhishek Marcus.  Staffing & recruiting.  New Delhi area, India. 

  • Hi Zaveri sir,  I have gone through your website which is very quite interesting and sound profelling also.  Here I am attaching one of my educational plan which we are forecasting to work in Indian market to create the creative pool of talents during their education itself…….  Best regards,  Ravi Kumar. K.  Managing Director.  innovedic.co.in.

  • Very exhaustive work ...Thank you - Kusum Prasad,  Professional Training & Coaching, Bengaluru Area, India.

  • My thanks for making comprehensive, self explanatory ppt, this would be part of my class room, from now onwards, about ERP generic view / Thanks for wonderful time that you have contributed towards ERP knowledge base.  - JKC IEG. Surya-Mahadeva. Advisor.  Hyderabad Area, India

  • Hi,   First I would like to thank you for sharing this. The ppt is very much interesting to read and pictures adding values to that. Very good material. Thanks once again. Thanks & Regards, - Thamilarasi Shanmugham, Consultant at Wipro Technologies, Bengaluru Area, India Information Technology and Services

  • Dear Jyotindra Zaveri . ....Just wanted to give YOU a standing ovation for your actions...Once again It reminds us Sharing is Caring....Cheers!!! -Indranil Bhaduri. Founder of Centre for Sales Excellence. Kolkata Area, India Think Tanks.

  • Dear Jyotindra, I have studied those slides and amazed to see the detailing covered for various business functions and processes. They are really excellent guidelines not only for introduction but also for them who are in the field of ERP. Please accept my compliments! -Posted by Dillep Kheleyy, Management Consulting, Pune Area, India.

  • Hello Mr. Jyotindra, Thanks a lot. "Indeed you have done a very good works which is quite remarkable. Keep it up. With best wishes and best regards, -Kiran Desai.  Technical Director, Pune Area, India

  • Dear Prof. Zaveri. Thanks a ton for the favour. It is a goldmine for many thoughts to emerge. -Aditya Vidyasagar, Director General, Aurous Institute of Management. Lucknow, India.

  • Hi Jyotindra. Thanks a lot for your link. Its really useful. Thanks & Regards, Parthasarathy Rajagopalan. Manager  Automotive.  Chennai,  Chennai Area, India.  .

  • Thanks for the presentation sir, it's a very good presentation i appreciate you for preparing a good presentation and allowing to view your views.  Regards,  -Edukondala Rao.

  • Hello Jyotindra, Thank you very much for the presentation. It's a great source. Regards. -Emrah Tasan.  Trainee Supplier Logistic Manager at Schneider Electric.  Lyon Area, France Logistics and Supply Chain.

  • Thanks for the slides. Very important information.  Thanks.  -Ned Blinick Account Holder.  V.P. Sales and Marketing at Blinco Systems Inc.  Toronto, Canada Area Information Technology and Services.

  • Hi Jyotindra, Great presentation thanks!! Must have taken quirt a while to put together.  Regards.  -Frank O'Connell.  Senior Consultant at MidasWare.  Japan. Information Technology and Services.

  • ..Who ever thought it would be such an overwhelming response? You are doing a great service to those that want to know.  -Ms. Frances (Aguilera) Tesch.  International Sales & Operations; International Logistics.  Mexico City Area, Mexico Logistics and Supply Chain.

  • Dear Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri, I appreciate your reply, and I did look at your work. It did help me while carrying out my research. I will be posting some a questionnaire soon regarding my research, hope you take part in it. Your ideas are of value to me. Thanks a lot. Regards, Tahir Noor. 

    Student at University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

  • Hi Zyoti, Thanks for the slides etc. They are excellent and will prove very useful.  I have requested to join the group and requested the newsletter. I will become an active member.  Kindest regards.  Philip Pollard. Prague. Czech Republic.

  • Thanks a lot. Your resource has been very useful. Regards. -Mox Shell.

Above comments received by Jyotindra in a professional networking site LinkedIn.com -  in response of sharing the 400 slides PowerPoint ERP presentation free to members to the LinkedIn groups.

  • Read the reflection carefully.  When I Teach, I Learn..  .....Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri.

  • Encourage your company's human resources or training department site to link to http://www.dnserp.com   as a resource for your fellow employees and colleagues.

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