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Milestones of Jyoti since 2006 - 2011 - History Year-by-Year.

Summary of the achievements, IT events, ERP training seminars, awards, of Jyotindra Zaveri:

*   Here, I would like to share my own journey, of over three decades, close encounters, with computers.  Year-by-year and month-by-month track record follows.

28 December 2011

Blue Ocean Academy launch in Pune, India.  Click here to view pictures.

Seminar with HR experts at the MCCCIa. Mr. Rajesh Bhandari, CEO. Mr. Shailesh Pagariya, President. Mr. Atish Chordiya, Director.  Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri, visiting faculty.

17 September 2011

IT training program at Belgaum, Karnataka, India.  Prof. Jyoti presented the concept of the Social Media Marketing.  Click here to view report.

Workshop on Technology held at KSL.  Mr. Dinesh Badagandi, Mr. V. Ramani, Jyotindra Zaveri were the resource persons.  Participants from various industries and academic institutions attended the seminar.

15 August 2011

Book Internet Programming and Cyber Law published.

Textbook for students of the BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) as per Pune University Syllabus.

Topics covered in the SECOND edition of Internet Programming and Cyber Law book by Jyotindra Zaveri: HTML, CSS, Java Script, ASP, Technology and Law, Digital contracts, Access control, Encryption, Electronic banking (net-banking), Cyber crime, etc.  Read more.

• First edition was published in June 2010.

• Publisher: Tech-Max Publications, Pune, India.

06 August 2011

FMS, a leading B School gave award to Prof. Zaveri.  Click here to view report and video.

Faculty member Professor Jyotindra Zaveri who produced great results and outstanding mentoring programme for students was duly honored by the institute management with a rank of Professor Emeritus memento and a certificate .

20 July 2011

Social Media Marketing training program successfully conducted by Prof. Jyoti Zaveri in Pune, India.  Click here to view feedback and video.

Very encouraging feedback. View the attached clip for glimpse of the same. Participants were from various sectors - Industry, Real estate, hospitality, HR executives, tour & travels, senior consultants, Journalists, Marketing professionals, IT professionals, etc. We appreciate frank observations and suggestions.

16 June 2011

YouTube marketing expertise demonstrated.  Click here for details.

Fifty + video lectures uploaded on YouTube dnserp channel.  Total upload views over 21,000. 

07 April 2011

Presentations and ERP case study by Zaveri. 58+ documents published on the Scribd.com site. Click here for details.

59,000+ reads.  Scribd is a digital platform for publishing documents.  Documents are published in HTML5 for free viewing or download.  These are kept in four shelves: ERP ppt, ERP case studies, MIS and E-business.

06 April 2011

Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP  eBook published by Himalaya Publishing House.  Click here for details.

Mr. Zaveri's ERP book is be seen in many international websites, available as downloads.

22 March 2011

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of the World Wide Web.  Click here to view the video lecture. 

Zaveri is emphasizing on forming blog rules and social media usage policy document by citing case studies. Learn about pros and cons of using internet

24 February 2011

Internet Television launched on the Livestream site.  Click here to see live demo of this Web TV.

To deliver management education in a new way.  These training videos are webcasted by Mr. Zaveri which aims to provide education to managers, faculty, management students.  Anytime, anywhere. 

25 December 2010

Mr. Zaveri is a LinkedIn champion.   Successful networking on the LinkedIn.  Zaveri has become the “Top Influencer on LinkedIn” in many professional groups.  Click here to view details.

(1) 1000+ professional contacts.  (2) Zaveri could influence 35,000 members in a LinkedIn group.  He has a proven track record on the LinkedIn.  Over 1000 professionals responded to a post pertaining to ERP presentation.  (3)  Started and managing own professional group on the LinkedIn called “ERP, E-business Forum”.

06 August 2010

ERP Training program in Pune.  Click to view details.

Mr. Zaveri discussed ERP and e-business management strategies.

05 August 2010

ERP Training program in Pardi, Gujarat.  Click to view details.

Mr. Zaveri presented basic ERP concepts, production module integration with BOM, to tips on ERP implementation to the management of an engineering manufacturing enterprise, having two factories and head office in Mumbai.


Director - IT in a B-School.  Imparting training to the MBA students in the management subjects such as ERP, E-business, E-commerce, etc.

Setting up the 'Digital Campus'.  500+ post graduate students.  Several Servers, 600 computers, Internet labs, Wi-Fi campus, 5MB fiber optic high speed Internet connectivity, Internet labs, digital library, etc.

26 June 2010

ERP user training.  Twenty professionals attended the class room training session.  Click to view report, pictures, program movie clips and  participant's feedback.

ERP software user training and education. Users from UPS manufacturing company, paper mill (Aurangabad), compressor manufacturer, corrugated box manufacturer were present. In addition senior managers from factories which is making 'Flow meter' , industrial springs, Glass windows and glass shutters, were present. They all are using DNS ERP software to meet challenges in business management. Faculty: Mr. Shrikant, Mr. Guru and Mr. Zaveri.

22 February 2010

ERP user training. Click to view program movie clip.

ERP Implementation.  Preparing users for ERP deployment. 

04 February 2010

Training program for college management.  Click to view program movie clip.

Campus management software training to teachers.  Discussing with principal and administration.

16 and 20 December 2009

ERP Forum meeting

ERP users, and consultants discussed various development in ERP. DNS Team explained new features and explained the importance of 'change management'.

01 November 2009

DNS ERP user training in Nagpur.

Click to view program movie clip.

Kick-start meeting. CRP run (conference room pilot) and question / answers with managers.

30 & 31 July 2009

ERP training in Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science, & Commerce, Mumbai.

DNS team imparted training to students.  Click to view pictures.   Click to view report.

16 May 2009

ERP Seminar

DNS Team conducted ERP Seminar

19 March 2009

Dr. D. Y. Patil University, Global Business School & Research Centre.

Global Manthan. Seminar at Hotel Kala Sagar, Pune.  Presentation by Prof. Jyotindra.

Theme: “Emerging Trends in Business”. This program serves as a forum for interaction of the MBA students with experts from industry.

19 February 2009

International Institute of Management Studies. (IIMS).

Talk by Jyotindra.  Topic: Entrepreneurship Development.  management training

9 and 11  February 2009

Welling International Institute of Business Studies.

Training on ERP.  Two full days course was conducted giving overview of ERP software, by Prof. Zaveri.  

28 November 2008

Unveiling of ERP book manuscripts by Dr. P. C. Shejwalkar. 

Dignitaries from academic world, senior chartered accountants, ERP professionals and well-wishers attended the function.   Click to view report and pictures.

22 November 2008

ERP Training on Accounts module and taxes module.  Participants from various business and industries attended this ERP training program.

Participants were Directors, senior accountants, and DNS task-force members.  Encouraging feedback was received.   Click to view pictures

17 October 2008

Prof. J. Zaveri was invited for the Kushagra-08 program by Smt. Hiraben Nanavati Institute of Management & Research for Women. 

Dr. Bharati Dole, Deputy Director (HNIMR) wrote: .. "Thank you for sparing the time for Kushagra -08 organized on 17 October 08.  It was great to hear your valuable comments during the session".  Click to view pictures.

27 September 2008

ERP Training.  Participants from various manufacturing companies attended this ERP training program. 

The BOM module and production module were focused.  Participants were DNS task-force members, specially from production department.  Feedback was positive, requesting DNS e-Business Consultancy to organize more ERP training sessions.   Click to view pictures

30 June 2008

ERP - steering committee meeting

To review progress of ERP implementation.  This company is specializing in manufacturing fire fighting equipments.  Multiple locations: Plants in Mumbai and Jalgaon.  Click to view pictures.

23 January 2008

Mr. Zaveri conducted ERP Training seminar in Vadodara.

In association with the Vadodara Chambers of Commerce & Industry (VCCI).  Click to view report and pictures.

6 November 2007

ERP Conference room pilot (CRP run).  Training and review with DNS users

Fainger Leser Valves Pvt. Ltd., Paithan, Aurangabad.  Click to view pictures.  DNS team imparted practical training in Aurangabad.

4 September 2007

Mr. Zaveri delivered a lecture on "Internet applications for everybody"; at a Rotary Club of Pune Kothrud.   

President Rtn. Shriniwas Rairikar appreciated talk his talk, especially, trick to make password.  Rtn. J. B. Kulkarni said while proposing vote of thanks, "we came to know many new things about Internet".

20 June 2007

ERP Seminar conducted by Jyotindra Zaveri Software team at Pune. 

Over fifty participants attended the ERP seminar from Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Surat, etc.  Many ERP users shared their experiences.  Click to view pictures and report.

11 May 2007

Jyotindra Zaveri gave a presentation to the august audience, Pune, India.

In the Rotary Club of Pune North - East on "Internet for everyone".

10 March 2007

ERP Training Seminar was conducted in association with SEICCO to introduce a full time ERP training course to participants.

Successful participants were given 'certificates' by Mr. Narendra Dravid, Director of SEICCO.   Click to see pictures.  Mr. Zaveri  gave away certificates to successful participants.

22 December 2006

A full day seminar was jointly organized by the BIA, (Bombay Industries Association), Mumbai and DNS  team Pune at Hotel Atithi. 

Mr. Haresh Motwani, President, BIA inaugurated the training seminar.  Click to view report and pictures.

20 December 2006

One day seminar on 'Supply Chain Management' was organized by IEEMA.

A detailed presentation was made by DNS Team.

Click to view report and pictures.

09 and 10 December 2006

Participation in the Mega Conference of the WIRC of ICAI

Stall was put by DNS ERP at the Chartered Accountant Conference to inform CA about DNS ERP.  Many leading CA stop by and appreciated the fully integrated business system.

11 October 2006

A one day ERP training seminar was organized at the Residency Club, Pune, by Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri.

Training for the small and medium size enterprise for the industry in and around Pune.

Click to view report and pictures.

28 September 2006

Full day BPR + ERP seminar was jointly organized by the Chamber of Marathwada Industries & Agriculture (CMIA), Aurangabad

Mr. Zaveri touched upon how the ERP enables an organization to link various functions to accounting, which is the key to success in any organization.  [Please click to see seminar report].

28 August 2006

Vaikunth Mehta National Institute Of Co-operative Management., under Ministry of Agriculture, again organized a training program on "ERP implementation - issues and strategies" for Dairy co-operatives.  DNS Team gave presentation on "ERP Overview and Advantages" to participants who were gathered from, Gujarat.

Organizer feedback: Dear Shri Jyotindra Zaveri.  Programme on “ERP implementation – issues and strategies” for Dairy Co-operatives got concluded successfully on 1st Sept 2006 . It was mainly because of your valuable cooperation in accepting our invitation and sparing your valuable time for interaction with the participants. In the formal feedback collected from the participants your session has been highly appreciated. We sincerely hope to get similar cooperation from you in future.   Devdatta A. Divekar, VAMNICOM.

12 August 2006

Mumbai Education Trust (MET), organized ERP seminar

DNS Team gave a lucid talk on ERP to students of MET, Mumbai. 

29 April 2006

Ideal CRP Run at Litel Infrared Systems Pvt. Ltd.  Full day ERP Training / DNS ERP Demonstration / Presentation to users. 

Excellent feedback received.  "Quite clear in explaining, so no difficulty in understanding" - Mr. Pramod Shingarpure (Director).

06 April 2006

VAMNICOM, under Ministry of Agriculture, organized a training program on "ERP implementation - issues and strategies" for Dairy co-operatives.  DNS Team gave presentation on "ERP Overview and Advantages" to participants who were gathered from various part of India. 

VAMNICOM - Pune".  "It was thrilling to have heard you today in VAMNICOM. The ERP concept was very well presented by you and it was widely understood by most of us". "thanks for so vividly bringing out the concept".   From organizer:  "Participants of the programme have appreciated your session in the formal feedback collected from them at the end of programme".  Milk experts were from Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat.

4 Feb 2006

The Indian Institute of Materials Management (International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management), Pune Chapter invited DNS Team to talk on  “ ERP for Real Time Supply Chain Management ” at the S. M. Joshi hall. 

Mr. Vijay Palkar, eminent Consultant and senior member of the Institute introduced Jyotindra.  Mr. Rajendra Aphale, Senior Executive of Alfa Laval and Hon. Secretary of the Institute, while proposing the vote of thanks, appreciated lucid presentation of DNS Team.  The lecture was followed by questions and answer session, where DNS Team could satisfy queries.

07 January 2006

Lecture on ERP was given by DNS Team in the program organized by Suryadatta Group of Institute.

This was a general audience, mostly post graduate students.  The event was organized jointly with e-Sakal newspapers.   



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