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Milestones of Jyoti since .....1975.  2001 - 2005.

Summary of the achievements, IT events, ERP training seminars, awards, of Prof. Jyotindra Zaveri:

  • Here, I would like to share my own journey, of over three decades, close encounters, with computers. Year-by-year and month-by-month track record follows.....

07 December 2005

The Forty people in the conference included Directors, executives, IT Professionals, Consultants, Chartered Accountant, Excise experts, etc., from various industry from Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, etc.

DNS team demonstrated some advance features of ERP modules and procedures. They discussed in-depth various aspects of costing module, production module, complex accounting scenarios such as automatic branch / region / depot / accounting creating mirror JV was demonstrated.  Preparing consolidated Trial Balance.  Sending or receiving data electronically for multi locations.  Click to see detail report.

26 October 2005

ERP lecture to SBS Group. Leading Pigment manufacturer.

Encouraging feedback from participants.

05 August 2005

Adding Value Through Education.  Lecture given by DNS Team to bright young crowd of 300 + post graduate students of Suryadatta Institute. 

Jyotindra gave a lucid talk on the e-commerce, use of RFID, Reverse Engineering, etc.  The lecture was followed by extensive questions and answer session.  At Tilak Smarak on "Trend in Information Technology". 

08 June 2005

ERP Seminar was conducted by DNS Team at Hotel Le Meridien, Pune. 

The FIFTY people in the audience included IT Professionals, Consultants, CEO / MD / Directors, executives from various business organizations. 

 Click here for a complete report.

28 December 2004

DNS Team gave a lecture on 'ERP for SME' on 28 December 2004.  At the meeting of Small Scale Industries of Mahratta Chambers of Commerce and Industries, (MCCIA) Pune.

DNS team discussed various topics such as 'How to select ERP?', 'How to make ERP successful', etc.  He explained that for small a company it is necessary for the Director to spend time and he / she should not leave the ERP project to General Manager or junior managers.

11 December 2004

ERP Seminar conducted by Jyotindra at the Hotel Pride in Pune.  Full day discussion on various ERP modules gave participants in-depth view. 

Excellent feedback received.  Mr. Rairikar was the guest of honor and Mr. Ramdas Jaid was the guest speaker.

25 September 2004

ERP Tutorials program was conducted by DNS team.  IT Professionals and Chartered Accountants also attended appreciated the initiatives taken by DNS in spreading ERP awareness.

A full day training program was attended by senior executives from various industries from Aurangabad and around Pune such as from Pirangut, Sanaswadi, Chakan, Sarole, etc. 

28 August 2004

ERP Forum was organized by DNS Team.

It was a short (two hours) program.  Excellent feedback was received from all participants, most of them asking for more of such ERP training initiatives. 

03 August 2004

Inauguration Lecture given to the new batch of the MBA students (about 200 students and other faculty members), of the Suryadatta Institute.

Mr. Zaveri spoke impromptu on the importance of IT and Internet in Business, giving some exciting examples.

01 August 2004

Chief Guest at a function of Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering & Information Technology at Goa.

Speech given to the Engineering students  (about 400 students, parents and other faculty members), at Saroda.  Mr. Subhash A. Shirodkar, Chairman, Shivgram Education Society, appreciated the inspiring keynote address given by Mr. Zaveri.

24 July 2004

ERP Seminar conducted.  Over 22 organizations participated from various cities such as Pune, Karad, Jejuri, Solapur, Kolhapur, and Mumbai .

The sixty people in the audience included IT Professionals, Chartered Accountants, Consultants, CEO / MD / Directors, executives from various functions such as Finance, Production, EDP, Marketing, Purchase, etc. 

01 January 2004

Litel Infrared Systems Pvt. Ltd., MIDC, Bhosari, Pune; has selected     DNS, the ERP software developed by DNS Team, to automate the business processes.

LITEL is India’s premier organization involved in design and manufacturing of infrared emitters and infrared heating systems.  It is an Engineering company having ISO 9001 - 2000, QEC 20514 certified company.

September / October 2003

Visiting Faculty at the Suryadatta Education Foundation - SIMIR

Imparting Training to Postgraduate students for subjects such as ERP, MIS, Information Technology, etc.

01 August 2003

ERP software successfully deployed at Care Pack Pvt. Ltd. This ERP Package is an Integrated Sales and Stock accounting software package, designed by DNS Team.


Care Pack Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company engaged in the Manufacturing business of producing high quality 'Corrugated Box'. The sales invoices that are prepared online will not only capture the data for sales account but also for the inventory. Real-time stores transactions integrated with shop-floor activities and the finished-goods stock.  DNS is online at a manufacturing plant at Sanaswadi, Ahmed Nagar Road.

28 July 2003

Lecture to the post graduate students of the Suryadatta Institute (SIMIR)

Topic: Information Technology trends.  the lectures were well received by all first year students of MMM, MCM, and MPM.

May / June 2003

Providing IT consultancy and training to 'Rasoi Magic'.

Mr. Dhanya Kumar Chordiya, MD of Universal Spices Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India, appointed Mr. Zaveri for IT enabled business solutions.

28 May 2003

ERP Seminar conducted

At Boat Club, Pune. 33 participants from various small, medium and large companies appreciated the program.

27 March 2003

Seminar on ERP Concepts to Post-graduate, MBA Students

Organized by Suryadatta Institute of Management & Information Technology

October 2002 to March 2003

Zaveri providing consultancy and training for implementing ERP software - modules such as - Finance, Inventory, MRP, Purchase, Marketing, Production and Shipping.

Retained as IT consultant by Mrs. R. G. Kalyani and Dr. Neelkanth Kalyani, Kalyani Forge Ltd., Koregaon-Bhima, Pune. Training and implementation of ERP software package.  Zaveri got a good exposure to the forging industry.

8 February 2003

The Rotary Club of Poona organized a career counseling seminar at YMCA, Pune.

This seminar featured prominent professionals from various fields who gave an insight to students into the availability and scope for growth in careers.

20 December 2002

Keynote address was delivered at the Conference held on e-Governance 

K.C.E Society's, Moolji Jaitha College, and Institute of Management & Research. Jalgaon - 425002, Maharashtra (India).

June / July 2002

Medical Transcription - software  development, implementation and training.

World class software solution is given to a world class Health Care business organization serving top US based medical facilities.

February 2002

Schoolnet Websites Contest 2001 was bigger, better and more exciting. 600 schools, 1800 students and one exciting trip to Canada! 

Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri was invited to judge the websites at the Zonal level contest, February 2002.

11 August 2001

Training to Industry in Sangamner

For Malpani Industries - leading Bidi Manufacturer:  Discussion on ERP, SCM and other office automation topics

9 August 2001

Invited by Pune University to talk on the latest in Web technology

Training to MBA students: Digital Nervous System

6 July 2001

A Half day Seminar on Effective Use of Information Technology 

Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIa) invited DNS Team for this program for Business Executives.

Topics Covered:
§ How to use Digital Diary and PC
§ Task Management on computer using Outlook 2000
§ Using the Internet for efficient communication with branches, business associates
§ Effective method for using e-mail in modern management
§ Tips on successful
ERP implementation & Supply Chain Management
§ Towards a less Paper Office
§ Affordable technique of Video conference

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Accomplishment of Jyotindra Zaveri since 1975.

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