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"Jyotindra Zaveri has led the Pune-based computer firm from its humble beginnings to the prestigious Comdex Expo in Chicago, USA".

The Times of India - Pune Times - 12 May 1998 - Programmed For Progress - Half Page News

............................Huned Contractor finds out how....

  Times Press News Jyotindra Zaveri

  • Not surprisingly, Jyotindra Zaveri's hero is Bill Gates, whom he is proud to have been invited to meet when he visited India.

"Gates has his finger on the pulse of information technology.  He knows exactly what kind of developments will take place in the coming years.  He has clearly stated that by the year 2005, computers will become all pervasive so that the most routine and the most minor functions will be computerized."

  • In 1988, Zaveri visited the San Jose Silicon Valley in the United States to study trends in the computer industry.  In 1991, he bagged an order from the PMC & PCMC to install a LAN system with Marathi software for property tax assessment.

  • Mr. Zaveri has several firsts to its credit.  My greatest satisfaction lies in the fact that I have been a part of the computer revolution since its infancy, ôsays Zaveri.  And he holds up an 80-column punch card to prove it.

INDIAN EXPRESS: 20 MARCH 1992.  "Towards a paper-less office" article written by Mr. Zaveri.

  • In the today's modern offices, we find the latest gadgets such as the facsimile machine, copier, electronic typewriter, and shredder and of course the personal computer (PC).  Proper configuration of the computer system with adequate software can do the job of electronic typewriter and fax communication. With the possibility of the Paper-less office era, the copier and shredder machines too will illustrate how PC alone can handle the office automation.  This is no imagination; already thousands of offices today use the latest technology in office automation, or electronic office as it is called.  The use of microcomputers in the offices is now very common.  Unfortunately, majority of office use the PCs for correspondence only! Even that too is not properly utilized.

  • Self-discipline is a pre-requisite to any office automation system. The user has to re-organize the work with the help of procedures. Follow the procedure religiously.  A modern office will use a new breed of software that integrates and automates office tasks under a sleek graphical interface such as Windows. Electronic office is basically a company-wide software standard, that links PCs, minicomputers. It can automate manual functions such as sending memos, scheduling meetings, or translation file formats, seamless communications with other computers and all this using a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • Data translation and connection should be transparent to the user. An integrated office software platform is different from Executive Information System. Today in business computing, company structures are increasingly decentralized, resulting in a resources scattered across the country; an overwhelming volume of data that lacks standardized format and the rapid spread of sophisticated technology that many employees have not been trained for. This is not easy. It also takes time, sometimes months! Office automation is also an expensive affair.

  • While planning office automation define your needs clearly, For traveling within the city a two wheeler is adequate, the bullock cart will be inefficient. However, to travel everyday to Mumbai, perhaps two-wheeler is inadequate; a DQ pass will be advisable!  Knowledgeable consultant is a rare commodity. A wise woodcutter will always find time to sharpen his axe, rather than waste time with a blunt axe!  Office automation cannot be achieved quickly. Spend enough time in preparing a long and smooth runway so that many planes can take off year after year!  Note:  The views presented ten years back, holds good even today !!!

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