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Track Record 1991 - 2000 of Jyotindra Zaveri - Pictures - report:

Past ERP Training, Seminars, Past Performance, Awards, I. T. Achievements, IT events....   1991 - 2000

  • 23 January 1998 - HP Plotter show - Jyotindra Zaveri demonstrated exciting plotter technologies - Zaveri is seen with Mr Punit Chaddha (Hewlett Packard) and Mr Harish Laddha (Godrej)

      HP Plotter show 1998

  • April 1997.  Mr. Zaveri addressing a Rotary meeting, Japan.


  • Rotarians of Rotary club of Sakai Phoenix, Osaka, Japan. Speech was in English, translated by Rtn. Konishi Saan.

Mr. Zaveri visits Sharp, Osaka, Japan.  

Mr. Zaveri visits Sharp, Osaka, Japan.

  • Here is a brief report about the Document Management Seminar held on  26 July 1995 at Hotel Aurora Towers, Pune.  [yes, ten years back... when the topic was hardly known..!]

Scanner, OCR (Optical Character Reorganization), and other techniques were demonstrated by Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri.  Document Management was discussed in great details by taking examples.  The concept of 'less paper office' was introduced to participants.

Over Forty Participants attended the seminar.  Participants were from AIT, Alfa Laval, ARAI, Chordia Food Products, CWPRS, Kirloskar Filters, Mantri Housing, Mitcon, National Insurance Academy, NCl, NEIL Automation Tech, NIC, Spicer College, Telco, Thermax, Kale Consultant, CDAC, PMC, etc.  

Feedback from participants:

  • " The seminar was very well conducted ".... Mr.KF.

  • "The seminar was excellent. . very well conducted and very informative".... Mr. AT.

  • "Very well organized seminar.. many doubts regarding OCR got cleared".... Mrs. AS.

  • "On the whole the seminar was very informative...I could get lot of new information about OCR and the imaging products".... Ms. MG.

  • "The seminar was well conceived, professionally organized and conducted.....sincere thanks for giving opportunity for participating in the seminar".... Mr. GAC.

  • " Excellent program. This really give ideas of various levels where proper Document Management Systems could be effectively implanted"....Mr. MLP.

  • "Excellent Solution".... Mr. RP.

  • " Many ideas regarding scanner, OCR, got cleared today.  The concept of Document Management should be spread to more and more organizations"....Mr. PHC.

  • "The information shared during the seminar is good"....Mr. VYP.

  • 12 March 1995 - eMail training seminar by Jyotindra Zaveri.

  Training conducted by Jyotindra Zaveri on eMail and Internet

The eMail and the Internet was the big thing in technology in those days. It was FAX era, electronic mail was so unfamiliar, that I had to begin by explaining what it was.   The Modem was a novelty in 1995.  Mr. Arun Kudale, a leading industrialist, asking a question to Jyoti.  But today, it is a reminder, that we need to change and adopt technology. You can put a coma or a question mark but no full stop in learning. How about that? 

  • Zaveri gave a presentation in Computer Society of India INFO-94 Conference.  Discussing Networking Technologies - LAN October 18, 1994 - Pune, India - R S Tavildar, Chairman, Program Committee appreciated the contribution of Zaveri to the CSI, Pune Chapter


  • 19 April 1994.  Seminar on Multimedia.  Venue: Hotel Aurora Towers, Pune, India.

Rotary club of Poona organized under the avenue of Vocational services.  Rtn. Zaveri explained new technologies such a sound recording, voice commands, video camera, touch screen, using a notebook computer with various multimedia software.

  • 17 August 1993.  Letter of appreciation received from President Rtn. Vivek Aranha - Rotary Club of Poona.

"Dear Rtn. Jyotindra.   Thank you very much for arranging such a wonderful evening for our Rotarians.  It will indeed be an evening to remember since it is the first time in the history of our club that such a meeting has been arranged.  It was very nice of you and Jayshree to arrange such a wonderful fellowship.  Please extend our thanks to your staff.  it is Rotarians and Anns like you and Jayshree who make our Club the Prime Club that it is.  Yours sincerely" - Vivek Aranha.

  • 8 and 9 December 1992.  IT-COMM seminar on 'Telecommunication in Information Technology".  Venue: Hotel Blue Diamond, Pune, India.

Track record 1991 - 2000

  • First time ever Modem was demonstrated and chat was shown online - way back in 92.  The inauguration was at the hands of Mrs. L.F. Poonawalla, Vice Chairperson and MD of Alfa Laval (I) Ltd.  She expressed the importance of data transfer using the Satellite data link used by Alfa Laval to their parent company in Sweden.

  • The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Bishnu Pradhan, Executive Director of C-DOT.   He announced that there are already one million telephone lines working in rural India.  Mr. T.H. Chowdary, Director CTMS, Bombay discussed on ' Necessities of Restructuring India Telecom'.  Mr. George Kurian of Bajaj Auto discussed on dealer network, linking 120 dealers across the country.  Everybody appreciated efforts put by Jyotindra Zaveri organizing this two days training program.   Seminar was well attended by hundred participants from leading industries from Poona and Bombay. 

  • I remember this historical day.  I specially had to explain the manager of Hotel Blue Diamond, Pune, India, (now Taj group), to provide with me with a direct telephone line, so that I can demonstrate Internet. Yes, in those days convergence of computer and communication was not known much.  All over India, there were riots, due to Babri Masjid issue, and most of the establishments were closed. I was worried, ~ 100 participants had registered, guests form various places came to Pune. 'What to do?'  But we went ahead with the two days training program, successfully. First time ever, online chat was demonstrated to demonstrate the beginning of the new era of the Internet.  Ms. Lila Poonawala in the afternoon, from her office obliged and came online to do internet chat with participants, was projected on large screen to the tech-savvy audience of Pune.

15 August 1992 - Computer hardware expert showing technological advancements to industry leaders

  • Zaveri demonstrating Personal Computer to Ms Lila Poonawala -

    With Chair Person of Alfa Laval Ltd, Pune, India

  Zaveri demonstrating personla computer to Ms Lila Poonawala

03 April 1992.  Software development for Singapore.  Software Export


  Software development for Singapore

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