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Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization and SEO Services.

Examples of key digital platforms - Use these platforms for social media marketing and online marketing.

Digital Marketing is both, art of blogging and Information Technology I have mastered both. Connect and regularly access to get many valuable benefits.

Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing, e-Commerce, Online marketing, and ERP are key subjects focused on these websites.

Here is the Proof of Concept [POC] that demonstrates the power of Web 2.0 technology. Demonstration of online assets.

Social media optimization technique or SMO involves social media marketing strategy and search engine marketing or SEO services.

Examples of key digital platforms - Use these platforms for social media marketing

Create Facebook Page, Facebook Marketing, How to Create a Blog, How to Use Twitter.

  1.  facebook page Facebook Page  Like it. 2700 Likes.  Facebook Page is your interactive website.  Brand your product or services where your customers / prospects can get connected. By the way have you noticed the new facebook logo?

  2. Networking: Facebook Profile 3400 Friends. Connect with Jyotindra Zaveri.

  3. facebook Social Media Marketing Group   Let us discuss on professionally managed facebook Social Media Marketing Group 4900 Members.  Join.

  4.   Subscribe Social Media Marketing Blog. 109K Page-views.  Example of Google Blogger digital platform for social media marketing.  Blog is similar to a website but more dynamic as compare to static traditional websites because of the posts. 

  5.   YouTube Marketing - Subscribe YouTube dnserp channel  100 videos - YouTube PlayList -  Training videos pertaining to Social Media Marketing and ERP. 221K video views. Yes, over Two Lac Video Views of this awesome /dnserp channel.  And this is not a Bollywood videos, but videos focusing on IT enabled business management topics, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, ERP, eCommerce, and other IT (Information Technology) related subjects! 660 Subscribers.  Since 2009.

  6.   Newspapers: I have published three daily newspapers. Subscribe to get it in your inbox. It is free. Guaranteed fresh news.  1. Social Media Newspaper 2. ERP eCommerce Newspaper 3. Health and Lifestyle Newspaper

  7. Instagram Sharing pictures on mobile devices  Instagram InstaJyoti - App Sharing pictures on mobile devices. 80 Posts - 330  Followers.

  8.   Digital Vivekananda Digital Pins Follow Boards on Pinterest 17 Boards. 180 Pins. 190 Followers.

  9.   SlideShare  jzaveri Follow presentations regarding social media marketing and ERP with video 30 PPT - 700 Follower - 75K Total view count from all over the world including India, USA, UK, Germany, etc.

  10.   Twitter Follow for ERP eCommerce Tweets  @FollowERP - 780 Followers.

          Twitter Follow for Social media marketing Tweets @JyotiSocial - 320 Followers.

  1.   Connect with Jyotindra Zaveri on LinkedIn 2900 Contacts.

  2.   LinkedIn DNS Company Page - 600 Followers.

  3.   Join Social Media Marketing Pro LinkedIn Group - 750 members

  4.   Google Plus Page Social Media G+ Page 9,800 Views - 70 Followers.

  5.   Network in Germany - XING is social media for business professionals.

  6.  Tumblr DNS Blog 

  7.   Click here to see list of 60+ social media sites, blogs, newspapers, Video channels.  Click on Groups Tab to see list of social media Pages and Groups - All in one place on Appearoo. Click on Other Tab to see list of websites, etc.

  8.   Flag counter.  Every time someone from a new country visits this site, a flag is added to the counter.  190 different countries have visited this dnserp eLearning portal and has 301K Page views. Total 950 flags (Country and state) collected. See State wise visitors breakup of each country including India, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, etc. Click on + icon before the country to see state wise unique visitors count. 

    Click to see list of countires of visitors to dnserp

  9.   Flickr picture albums digital marketing platform dnserp 490 Pictures, Videos - 50K Views - the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.  Since 2010.

  10.   Quora Follow Jyotindra Zaveri - Digital Marketing Question and Answers. Knowledge sharing. 201K Followers.

  11.   Scribd Digital Vivekananda Follow. 66 Presentations published. 117K Views. 630 Followers. 1300 Likes.

  12.   delicious jzaveri Digital tool - use for favorite Websites.

  13.   FourSquare - Real world link on digital marketing platform foursquare to promote your local business. Find great places on the smartphone while traveling. 100 Followers.

  14.   Video channel eLesson on Vimeo.


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