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This is not a flashy marketing kind of website but a simple knowledge sharing site that keeps you up-to-date

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Learn digital marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Web 2.0, internet marketing, ERP, eBusiness, ecommerce.

Information Technology (IT) for business, IT enabled business management concepts.


1975 - 1990 Track Record - Jyotindra Zaveri performance
1975 Computer History IBM 1401 - Information Technology
1997 Meeting Bill Gates
2001 - 2005 Track record Zaveri
2001-2005 Milestones
2006 Track record
2007 Track record - ERP Seminar reports - Milestones Zaveri
2008 Track record - ERP Book inauguration 28 November 2008
2008 Track record - ERP Training - Jyotindra
2009 Track record - ERP Seminar report - Milestones
2010 Jyotindra Zaveri Milestones - Track record - Reports
2011 Track record - pictures videos award - important milestones
2012 Track record - seminars - report - pictures  - award
2013 Track record - seminars - report - pictures  - award
2014 Track record - seminars - report - pictures  - award
2015 Track Record
Account Module ERP software
Alphabetical list - eLearning - website - Sitemap
Amazon online mall e-Commerce
Artificial intelligence warehouse robots - AI
B2B case study - Business web site - eBusiness
Backup - Disaster recovery plan - PowerPoint presentation
Bill Materials - BOM - ERP Modules
Blog strategies - recommendations - SEO
Business Blog - Interactive website - Jyotindra Zaveri explains
Business Process Reengineering - BPR - Change management
Campus ERP scope
Campus management - Institute ERP
Cloud computing technology basics - web ERP
Coca-Cola world Visit report - USA
Computer Baby - Information Technology Joke
Computer data entry operator - Software engineer plight
Conference Room Pilot
Contact Us
Cookie - e-Commerce sites - Approach touch - virtual shops
Corrugated box - ERP case study
Costing Module - ERP Cost sheet - Estimates
CRM Joke - Customer Relationship Management Humour
CRM module ERP - Customer relationship management
Crossword Puzzle - YouTube Video Channel
Crossword Puzzle 01 - ERP
Crossword Puzzle 02 - ERP
Crossword Puzzle 1 - ERP - Solution
Crossword Puzzle 2 - ERP - Solution
Crossword puzzle focusing - Focusing YouTube - Solution
Crossword Puzzle Social Media Marketing
Crossword Puzzle Social Media Marketing - Solution
CXO - Chief x Officer - CEO CMO COO CIO
Cyber branding - Key elements - Presentation
Cyber Laws ppt - E-commerce - Hacking
Data Mining - Data Warehouse
Digital Marketing - Internet Television Web TV Live demo
Digital Marketing -Web 2 - Social Media Marketing
Digital School - Learn social media -Online class
DNS ERP software source code
E-commerce - ERP - manage Dairy business - issues
E-commerce Introduction - Internet selling examples
E-LEARNING Topics | Internet Marketing | E Business | ERP
E-mail Internet marketing -Video lecture -download ppt
eBusiness - online business basic tips
ECommerce - Lakhs - Crore - Millions - Billions
eCommerce -  eBusiness.
eCommerce steps
Electronic Manufacturing ERP Case Study
Emerging business trends - Zaveri
ERP - fully integrated business management software
ERP - Plastic Industry
ERP - Total Cost Ownership - TCO
ERP - Trading Business
ERP Audit trail
ERP Book Author Jyotindra Zaveri ERP Consultant
ERP Book Jyotindra Zaveri Experts Review
ERP Book Second Edition Jyotindra Zaveri - excerpt
ERP Case Studies - Manufacturing companies - verticals
ERP Case study - Automotive parts OEM
ERP Case study - Chemical Manufacturing Industry
ERP Case study - Construction
ERP Case Study - Electrical - Bajaj Electricals
ERP Case study - Electrical Electronics UPS Product
ERP Case Study - Furniture company ERP - Manufacturing Sofa Sets
ERP Case study - Industrial Valves Manufacturing
ERP Case study - OEM - Stampings Manufacturing
ERP Case study - OEM electrical manufacturing industry
ERP Case study - Project manufacturing -
ERP Concepts - Doctors - Hospitals - Clinics - Nursing Home
ERP Customization - ERP implementation
ERP flow diagram - work flow - document flow
ERP for Doctors - ERP modules - Procedures
ERP Helpdesk
ERP helps job working
ERP Implementation - Call Zaveri
ERP implementation strategy PowerPoint presentation video
ERP implementation tips - ERP Training
ERP Infrastructure - Hardware - Software
ERP Inventory Management - MM Module - Material Management
ERP Jokes - ERP CRP Checklist
ERP levels - ERP  eBusiness - eCommerce
ERP Library - Videos
ERP Module - Sales -  Distribution
ERP Module - VAT - Value Added Tax
ERP Modules - ISO 9000 - Quality Checks
ERP Modules - Production - Assembly
ERP modules list - ERP software scope - Manufacturing business
ERP Production Planning PPC MODULE
ERP project delays
ERP Security Module
ERP SMS automation - Text messaging
ERP software implementation - Proven path
ERP Special Purpose Machines Manufacturer
ERP Subcontractor module
ERP System - ERP Software - CRM - MRP
ERP Testimonial - ERP Feedback -  Jyotindra Zaveri
ERP Testimonials electronic products
ERP Testimonials Videos - ERP Feedback - ERP users
ERP Warranty Module - Discreet manufacturing ERP - AMC
Excise module ERP Module
Export module ERP
Facebook - social media - good - bad - ugly
Facebook activity - Why some people do not Like Facebook
Facebook Blunder  police called Birthday Party cancelled.
Facebook guidelines - social media best practices
Facebook marketing, Engage prospect, customers
Facebook Page Plugin Examples - Build Facebook Community
Facebook Paid Advt Campaign Learn Consult Zaveri
Facebook Ramayana
Feedback - dnserp E-learning web site
Five reasons - Contact Digital Marketing Specialist Zaveri
Flag counter | Web analytics | Site crosses 200,000 mark
Flag Hit Counter - Count visitors - State - Country
Flickr pictures - albums - sets - slideshow
Flow meter
FMCG ERP Fast Moving Consumer Goods - Plastic Industry
Follow Twitter - Joke - Humor - Follow God
Food Industry - ERP issues - challenges
Foursquare - Free app - Promote local business
Google Plus - Social media networking site - Facebook
Help ongoing educational research activity - Share
Hotel System
Humor - Murphy Law  -  Joke
IMPLEMENT ERP - implementation Issues - tips
International Business - Internet marketing - Flag counter
Internet marketing Social media networking sites Viral Marketing
Internet services - outsource - digital marketing management
Introducing Digital Marketing - Facebook Page LinkedIn Twitter
Jean B2C case study - Ecommerce - Internet selling 
Joke - Computer Humor - E-mail - Communication
Joke - Computer Humor - ERP Complain
Joke - Comuter Humor - Help Desk
Joke - ERP Humor
Joke - Internet Humor - Google God Prayer
Joke Computer Humor Microsoft Movies
Jokes - Computer Humor - Education - Entertainment
Jokes - OOPS - Program examples
Jyotindra Zaveri - Press News - Times India - Success story
Limit liability - disclaimer - warranty - privacy policy
LinkedIn marketing - LinkedIn finds Zaveri Influencer
LinkedIn professional networking demo - LinkedIn champion
M-commerce - mobile commerce - E-commerce
Management Information System - MIS
Manufacturing ERP - Factory ERP Plant Automation
Manufacturing industry ERP software
Microsoft -lighter side
Microsoft case study - Software companies ppt - video lecture
MIS - Management Information System - Computer
Newspaper - eCommerce - ERP - Breaking News
Newspaper - Real time social media reporter - Latest News
Newspaper publishing - journalism plus technology
Nokia case study - smart manufacturing
Online shopping Malls - eCommerce
Outsource Digital marketing - Training, Consultancy
Paperless office - document management
Payroll - Multi-location- Multi-company - Presentation
Picasa - Digital platform - hosting pictures - Google
Pinterest - Virtual pin board - Digital Marketing Reason
Pinterest Boards - Pins - Social Media - Digital Vivekananda
Plant Maintenance ERP Module
POC - Concept Proof - ERP implementation tips- ERP Consultant
Production - Process
Production module
Profile picture - update own photo - Facebook - LinkedIn
Programmers Geeta updesh
Purchase Module
Quick Response code - QR Code - bar code
Responsive Website - Touch ready -  Mobile, Tab friendly
RFID - Radio Frequency Identification tag
Rich Dialogue- Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs
SAP - Oracle - Microsoft Dynamics - Global ERP Leaders
Scribd - Digital Vivekananda - Digital platform - Publishing
Scribd analytics
SEO Search Engine Optimization - Jyotindra Zaveri
SlideShare - sharing presentations - infographics - PDF
Social Media - Digital Marketing - Viral Marketing - Widget
Social Media Marketing - ERP - Business Managment
Social media marketing - Hire  - digital marketing
Social Media Marketing - Internet based business management services
Social Media Marketing - Jyotindra Zaveri - Jyoti - Consultant - Tainer
Social Media Marketing - Social Media Optimization - Facebook ads
Social Media Marketing explained - HINDI - Indian language
Social Media Marketing introduction - Marathi
Social Media Marketing ppt free download
Social media marketing training - consultancy - Jyotindra Zaveri
Supply chain management module - MRP -  ERP
System Requirements -ERP clean Joke
Tourist ERP - Travel business
Track Record 1991 - 2000 Jyotindra Zaveri - Pictures - report
Track Record 1991 - 2001
Twitter Fortune 500 Case study - Coffee shop - USA
Twitter marketing - Leverage Twitter Learn Digital Platforms
Vimeo digital marketing - upload videos - social media marketing
Volkswagen plant Germany - manufacture cars
Warren Buffett - Bill Gates - Business School
Web analytics demo video - Wordpress - YouTube
Website concepts - Internet jargon - Jyotindra Zaveri
Why Consultant why training
Why ERP Projects Fail
WordPress Easy Free digital platform Instant Blogs website
World Currency Symbols - Keyboard tips
XeeMe Dashboard - Organize social media marketing websites
Year end procedure - ERP
YouTube 3D wall
YouTube Analytics report example
YouTube Playlist - digital platform - Social Media Training

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