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Jyotindra Zaveri Milestones - Month-by-month and Year-by-year Report and pictures - Year 2010.

Hundreds of IT training seminars are conducted since 1975 - Brief reports / pictures / proceedings / feedback:

  • 25 December 2010.  Mr. Zaveri is a LinkedIn specialist.  Extensive experience using LinkedIn groups.

Top Influencers are group members whose own contributions stimulate the most participation from other members over the course of a week. This is not based on who posts the most items. Members with more followers in the group are more likely to be more influential in drawing attention to the threads they start or in which they participate by commenting or liking.

Zaveri has become the “Top Influencer on LinkedIn” in many professional groups.  He was automatically identified by the LinkedIn algorithm because he was sharing meaningful expert level knowledge with members of the group.  He was marked as the “Top Influencer on LinkedIn” for over two months on the ‘Supply chain management’ group which has 35,000 + members.

  • 06 August 2010.  ERP Training program in Pune.  Jyotindra Zaveri discussed ERP and e-business management strategies.  Feedback from participants:  It was an excellent experience.  It will really force people to think and change their thinking and attitude - J. M. -- "thanks for opening my eyes" -  Mr. Ebrahim Chiniwala. -- ERP is beneficial as well as useful system. -- Excellent presentation, quite insightful and informative - Mr. Iqbal Chiniwala.  -- 'the program was positive approach not only encouraging users for ERP but also about how business and its management should be perceived.

  • 05 August 2010.  ERP Training program in Pardi, Gujarat. 




  • Mr. Zaveri presented basic ERP concepts, production module integration with BOM, to tips on ERP implementation to the management of an engineering manufacturing enterprise, having two factories and head office in Mumbai.

  • 26 June 2010.  Special training session for DNS ERP users was held by DNS ERP team.

  • Mr. Zaveri explained and demonstrated ERP software.  Participants were from various departments such as: Accounts, purchase, production, sales, stores, and so on.  Topics discussed: Importance of improving business process before automation.  A new feature of ERP, such as automatic email WITH .pdf attachment was explained.  Importance of ORI and internal ORI, material requirement planning (MRP) was discussed in detail.  Location wise inventory can be maintained by DNS ERP including sub-contractor locations.  Good brainstorming resulted into clarity of various concepts.

  • Mr. Zaveri explained why it is not a good idea to receive or give material only on challan.  He also clarified the difference between active documents - which is posted in ledger - and passive document - which is NOT posted in ledger.  He explained the workflow right from receiving the purchase order from customer, to raw material purchase, production, and sale invoice. 

  • Excerpts from participant's feedback:

  • From a Corrugated box manufacturer:  I like the discussions in meeting. Very good. - A. S. -

  • From a Paper Mill:  Satisfied fully...Explanation of every point was good. .K. S. R. - Refreshed many ideas to use the ERP software.  A. S. L.    Today's seminar is very good.  Shrikant done great job about auto-send data.. Mr. Zaveri sir is very good speaker. His knowledge is very high level.  He has discussed all points..-S. S. J. The program conducted to our satisfaction, hence we wish to attend next time also.  Good lecture.  - S. A. P. and B. V. L.

  • From industrial instruments manufacturer: It was fine.  Arrange seminar on each module separately.  A. K. P. - Very nice and good to share points.  D. V. V.

  • Compressor manufacturer:  The discussion has given us lots of valuable information for improvement of system.  B. A. R. -

  • UPS & Inverter manufacturer: New module of emailing demonstrated is best.  From BOM how it is linked to work order, and STC is very useful in ERP.  Like this type of training help us to get more knowledge.  It is useful for us.  - R. N.  -  Yes, in this discussion you covered all topics with satisfaction to us.  We enjoy training with your valuable experience. S. B.




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22 February 2010.  ERP user training .  ERP Implementation.  Preparing users for ERP deployment. 


04 February 2010.  Training program for college management.  Campus management software training to teachers.  Discussing with principal and administration.


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