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Half-baked experts believe flashing the latest gadgets indicates expertise in the business of Information Technology. Wherever you go, Half-baked experts will not be far away.  Putting in a fašade of knowing it all.  Worse still, misleading clients with the little that he or she knows.  But enough.  Social Media Optimization or SMO is important for your social media marketing.

  • Jyotindra Zaveri -Jyoti- is the master of twenty Digital Platforms.  Click here to view demo.

  • Jyotindra Zaveri -Jyoti- is the master of thirty    ERP Modules.        Click here to view ERP Module list.

Jyoti is an active speaker and instructs professional audiences on internet based business management solutions, and many other best-in-class business process improvement methodologies. He may be reached at j.zaveri@dnserp.com

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